White Lightning Axiom: Redux: DURN IT ALL!

Thursday, April 24, 2008



Plans of men and mice I tell ya. Today is just packed full of deconstructed plans. I usually do not post on Fridays ... mostly because I'm lazy and I'm gearing up to remedy that for the weekend. This weekend, it will rain and my plans to do some gardening and spread out the mulch will most likely not be in the cards.

Now, for my other little wiggly bit of frustration. I was demonstrating to the Tyrants and Mrs the quality of my Top Shelf Grousing when Attila piped up and asked "What are Boxers?". Perplexed for a moment, I went to the closet and retrieved one of the limited pair I had in stock. I'm a tighty-whitey sort of guy so I typically reserve these for use as shorts. Now, having shown her a physical representation of the inquiry, The Mrs was curious as to where she had heard this term. Typically, we refer to such garments as 'underwear' or 'undies' in these parts. Apparently, one of her class mates conferred this knowledge to her. A young man named Sean, and his co-conspirator, Christian. And why did he bring this information to the table, you may ask. This was part of his mode of operations when SHOWING her his apparel of choice. Given how clothing hangs on the gangly frame of a 5yr old, the boxers went southward towards his ankles along with his pants when he dropped trou'. When his brother-in-arms(legs?) saw this, he also demonstrated that he too could participate in the peep-show. So, Attila made a mental note of the 'back of their privates' and informed the Teacher of their exhibitionist ways. Of course, she (Attila) is rather precocious and found that this demonstrations was neither shocking nor some sort of epiphany regarding the physiology of boys. My first thought was something along these lines. It's a little early for me to have to worry about this kind of interference in my parenting plans, don't you think?

Oh, and gasoline is now $3.52USD/g around these parts.

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