White Lightning Axiom: Redux: August 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008



Work has me in it's vile grip. Still squirming though.

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Monday, August 04, 2008


Weekend Redux 20080804

Whoooo DOGGIE! It's been a heck of a week, let me tell ya! TSD is tougher than all git-out and the pushup boondoggle has been getting me all worked up in the mornings. Throw some fasting and sedation in for a doctor's visit last week and you have all the bits lined up for a series of migraines. I was all lined up for that experience, ya know. I was on top of it in my usual sapient manner and cut off those rampaging nasties at the pass though. So, the doctor's visit went well. They pumped me full of wonderful stuff, I unexpectedly conked out after they asked me 3 questions and then woke up 15 minutes later without a hint or trace that I had been 'put down'. Lost time, I tell ya. There was a panoply of other patients in the the recovery ward that did not rebound as quickly as I ... I'm thanking God for my blessedly high metabolism every day.

The motorcycle safety training class: success. The written and road test were both passed and I now have a little slip of paper that says I may roam the high-ways and by-ways of America's transportation infrastructure unfettered. Now, the written evaluation was a snap. The big muscle lodged between my ears was barely even challenged since I took the online exam several times ... which ended up being exactly the same question for the in-class test. I had to read probably the first two or three words in the question/answer before realizing which of the three answers were correct for the multiple guess challenge. The road test was another matter entirely. One poor lady ended up 'High-Siding' herself TWICE during the swerve practice and if she had not worn a full-face helmet, she would have been hospitalized with a shattered jaw. End result: she passed but a center for a local foot-ball club and sergeant at a local detention institution failed. It was almost for naught to boot. The whole six hour class was nearly canceled due to lightning strikes. The morning class fell into that category and was rescheduled for the following morning. Instead, we were treated to an hour of fierce downpours and raging winds ... followed by unrelenting heat by the giant fiery ball of fury in the sky. Nothing like wearing wet denim on a steaming airbase tarmac to keep you sharp. So, now I'm through that, I can think about getting a motorcycle ... but with gas prices going down instead ($3.79 USD/g) ... the ROI calculation are all mucked up. I cannot buy that new leather jacket and chaps till I have a good use for them on the roads, you know.

I was able to attend the kids TSD test this weekend before heading off to the Airbase. The Grandparents made a surprise visit (the kids were surprised, not the Mrs and I) for the test. Needless to say, the Tyrants of Turpitude are now Red Belts and will be getting their black Ninja do-boks some day soon. I, myself, while extolling the advanced elite skills of the tyrants, will be taking my test this week in-class. This is going to be rather difficult for me, mind you. Alas, the next test will be sometime in November and I'll not want to wait that long. The tyrant may catch up with me and then all manner of hell will break loose.

Final note: the Agricultural Sector is doing well. The second (bumper) crop of peas is doing well, the beans (string and asparagus) are producing in sufficient quantity but the cucumber and zucchini vines are failing. No surprise since they were planted in the poorest soil I have ever seen. A few years of conditioning should take care of that. I've planted the second round of spinach/lettuce again since the roiling heat pretty much killed the sprigs from the last planting. Lessons learned: don't plant too early or you will fail. Much thanx to the Amish Hero-Dad and Super-Grandma for all the help with the 'farmers creed'.

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