White Lightning Axiom: Redux: WOOT!

Friday, April 04, 2008



Friday friday friday ... what else is there to add. TSD was good last night - I was senior belt and there were no Black Belts to be found prodding me along to greater depths of dysfunction. So, I did actually feel a bit better after, but the following day was a 'movement reduction exercise'. Rough time getting out of bed and getting motivated to do anything other than plodding along in front of the CRT. Well, not really. Who used Cathode Ray Tubes anymore ... it's all LCD. No matter ... tonight is poker night with the team so I should be sufficiently motivated to get some yard work done this weekend ... perhaps even plant all those flowers and mow the lawn while I'm at it. I have a litany of other things to do ... get the AC checked, Tux Rental, etc ... Oh, and I'll be taking the 3/4yr old Sunday School class this weekend since the regular teacher broke her ankle. No rest for me after-all, eh?

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