White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Weekend Redux 20080421

Monday, April 21, 2008


Weekend Redux 20080421

So, now that the weekend is over, I must walk the chimera of work through the week till I am free again to loll in fields of grasses and sweet alyssum with my children and wife. Gosh, I do detest Mondays. Sunday went as it usually does. It was the last day of Sunday School so we all said our tear sodden good-byes before skipping off home. Next year, the Tyrants will be too old to attend and they'll begin their journey through 1st grade. Time is starting to speed up now. Grams, Jake and I spent the rest of the day putting mulch down on the garden beds. Jakers was extremely interested int scaling the mountain of triple ground mulch and planting his shovel so as to declare 'I claim this peak in the Name of the Haupertonian Empire!'. That, and he was the tallest person on the driveway too. As the day ground on, Amish Dad and I managed to reduce the pile by half, covering the flower beds in the back and half of one in the front before darkened clouds provided a portent of a violent spring shower. It never did rain very hard, but it was sufficient excuse for us to abandon our efforts and sit down for a hearty late afternoon/early evening meal. It was a good weekend, hopefully I'll be able to finish the work by this next weekend.

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