White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Lost Weekend

Monday, April 07, 2008


Lost Weekend

I got nothing done this weekend. NOTHING! I barely left the Manor. I feel like such a slug. I did manage to get my posterior out of the sack on Sunday and taught the youngsters their lessons. I was taking the 11 4year olds for a few weeks since the regular teacher is out with a broken ankle. There is a set of quints in the class and they are prone ostentation as a matter of gaining some attention. If one ate a bug, the other ate an horse, the next a whale and the last ate the moon. They are fun to have about, but they can be a bit of a challenge to calm down when they get rolling. The rest of the class is fairly easy to work with. I just recycle the lessons learned from the Tyrants (with minor navigational modifications). I do not have to worry much about their combative habits since these younglings seem mostly benign. We shall see how they do next week with the chicks hatching that weekend ... should be enlightening.

Poker night went ok. I got trounced as expected. I suppose if I were really into it I would do more prep (like figure out how to play more seriously) but I'm just there for the comradery. Oh, and beer of course. Oddly enough, I watched a 007 flick the next night ... Casino Royale. Go figure. He is a bit more lucky than I, and my opponents do not bleed from the eyes when they are bluffing.

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