White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Lost Weekend Overflow

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Lost Weekend Overflow

Well, that was fairly useless. I was going to get some real work done yesterday, but that was ground down to a fine grit of erasure turds and eye boogers as I spent a great portion of my day diddling with paperwork and junk-email. My adventures into ersatz work have left me feeling empty and somewhat guilty. I need a noble (and futile) thrust into the mountain of work laid out like the craggy peaks of the Rockies or Alps to waylay my creeping disharmony. All that will change today I should hope. The sounds of the charge of the Light Brigade (Lord Alfred Tennyson) will echo out through the cavernous cube-farm of sensory deprivation chambers amongst the cacophony of importunate clacking of keyboards and singing telephones. The pleas both professional and romantic will not fall upon exasperated senses! Ummm ... ok. calm down ... whew.

Swimming and TSD with the tyrants went well. I lost my temper a bit on the trip between the two though. I need to remember that I'm a dad first. Poor Jake lost a bit of one of his transformer toys for the ump-teen millionth time and it frustrates me to no end. Not that he looses it or he does not think to watch were it went (he is a 5 year old boy after all ... things don't change much even if you are 40), its the situation that confounds me. I am unable to help him or even help myself help him. I'm on the road, crushed and battered by the lemming hordes who are all rushing to do manage their own myopic interests. Caring about the concerns of a haggard man and his limitations is the furthest thing from their mind. Heh ... displacement. I'll just have to 'redouble my efforts' in daddy-hood. Hugs and sweet words for the Twin Tyrants this afternoon.

After TSD, I dropped off the kids and went right to the back yard to till up some barren soil and plant zoysia grass. I found a lot of tuberous roots from the pachysandras that I'll need to ferret out. I'll probably be tilling again on Friday after I mow the lawn.

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