White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Busy-busy-busy

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Sorry I missed posting yesterday (and by proxy, over the weekend). We have had a bit of pressure at work to actually get some issues resolved. Go figure. The weekend was just as busy. The Mrs had to be out of the house early for one thing or another on Saturday morning so it was me against them for a few hours. I chose poorly and tried to sleep through the event. I bear the scars that remind me of my folly. Genghis and Attila pounded me like a lump of raw hamburger till I submitted to their demands that I rise from the tomb and make them something to eat. 'Little round things' was the first thing on their list. Next, was publishing their manifesto in all leading news-outlets, but I figured I would appease them with English-Muffin Pizzas first. Just as I was getting ready to pop them into the toaster oven, the door-bell rang. I'm skipping over the multiple phone calls regarding the political aspirations of candidates bopping about PA right now. When polled, I tend to let them know that I disagree with the idea of public opinion polls. Back to the door bell. It was the Jehova's Witnesses and their unending speel about the end of times and not taking up arms against another country. Okay, fine. Here I am in my sweat pants and a camo Marine Cap and they are bending my ear about converting. I let them know that I appreciate their concern for my immortal soul, but I've got children to feed and a lesson plan for Sunday School to complete. And, by a matter of necessity, the Tyrants made dramatic entrances by which their grumbly tumies provoked them into ferreting out daddy to see why he had abandoned the task at hand. This complicated matters ... you know ... small children coming out and assaulting the people who were trying to preach about non-aggression. Ah, yes. Good times. After Alexis bestowed a parting raspberry and disappeared indoors, I excused myself from the dogmatic exchange and wished them the best. They were likely to have a rather abrupt day since the neighborhood ins 99% Jewish. They will find very few open ears. Speaking of the Sabbath Day, once the Mrs returned home, we had two trips planned. The first was to go stop at this new children's center near-by. It had various activities of which the Tyrants participated in nearly all of them Favorites: Rock-climbing, Karate and 'Dance-Dance Revolution ... OF DOOOM!'. Jake actually worked up a sweat. The Mrs and I have been toying with the idea of buying a Wii for them, but I need to get the chore/reward board up so they can start earning points that they can turn in for time at the computer or Wii. Only ONE console game in the house ... this will be problematic. The other trip was to Wallmart. Two of the regional stores will be closing up and a new 'Super-Colossal-Death-Star-Wallmart' will be opening up. So, the other two subordinate centers are having incremental clearing sales. It was the perfect opportunity for me to pick up fishing supplies. I had purchased a fishing license on Friday and I was planning on picking up a Tourist License for Amish Dad so that we can take the Tyrants out on a fishing expedition the following weekend. So, the two budding outdoors men both have rods, tackle boxes and all the assorted accouterments. We'll be looking to go to a few places: Loch Alsh, Lorimer and Springfield Lake/Churchville Reservoirs.

Sunday, well, was Sunday. Sunday school, mucking about in the garden (planting leeks and celery), mowing the lawn and generally puttering about in the Haupertonian Agricultural Sector or the Back-50. No Witnesses stopped by as they intimated. Huh, go figure.

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