White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Heh.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007




Standard day: Wake, get kids up (pee first) and let them watch 'I Spy' on TiVo, let dogs out, feed 'em, get kids breakfast ready, feed 'em too, empty wood stove, set up firewood in stove for the evening (all the Mrs needs to do is toss in a match), shower, drive kids to school, drive to work, work ... work ... go pick up tyrants, go swimming, go to Karate, do kick drills with tyrants, run through adult Karate class, go home, kiss tyrants goodnight, eat, shower watch 'The Tick', go to bed. Deviations; It was foggy this morning, and I'm learning a new form in Karate: Pyong-Ahn Oh Dan. The part of the form where you leap through the air, twist, and then land with your legs crossed with a low 'X' block? Yeah, that's going to be rough on the old knee.

Oh, and as for that image above ... NICE! I'm talking about the gasoline price ... $1.09 ... wow.

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