White Lightning Axiom: Redux: late night at the TSD Studio

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


late night at the TSD Studio

Fairly little to nearly nothing has gone down over the last few days. Work, sleep, swimming, TSD. You know, the standard Haupertonian Schedule. We did do some homework with the kids on Monday. Practice the letter 'e' and such. One single thing of Note happened Monday night while I was working with the tyrannical twins of turpitude at TSD. One of the smaller micro-ninja's was doing his usual ADD-OCD Hyper-hyperactive thing when all in a single moment, he bowed his head and started to slowly dissolve into a weepy puddle. I handed off the kick-target to one of the larger Red Belt students and commended with the 'interrogation'. Apparently, after some prompting, I found that he was sad about mom abandoning him. She had dropped him off for practice and taken his sister to a Girl Scouts meeting. He did not need his mother, he just was used to having an audience. I used the boilerplate daddy panacea of picking him up and cradling him to my chest and gently speaking of how he will greet his mom when she returns. That seemed to dry up the rivulets of tears and snot fairly quickly.

Later in the evening, the Mrs and I had a brief discussion about parenting. Things have not been easy for us, but I like to believe that our decisions and the gumption to stick with them have done more good than harm. One of our most difficult and trying paths was the concerns over diet. We are TRYING to limit sugar intake knowing damn well that if Jovial Jake is anything like me as a child, just one gram of the stuff will turn him into a rampaging beast of destruction and misery. We do not deny him totally, he may have one piece of candy for desert after he finishes his dinner. Given this, Jake has refused candy on multiple occasions in favor of other 'healthy' snacks ... did not develop a yen for sweets as I had. This will certainly curtail any roguish behavior in school (which, these days, is an immediate forced prescription of Ritalin). I'm proud of my scion ... they are proving to be quite the set of bookends for a glorious litany of success.

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