White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Sweet Sleep

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Sweet Sleep

Last night, since I was not getting my rear-end trounced at TSD practice, I spent some time setting up the beds for the Tyrannical Twins. Yes, we do not have the bed frame supports yet, so I was content to just set the mattress and box springs on the floor and disassemble the toddler beds. Much of the furniture had to be removed from the room as well, but that would have to be done anyways. Getting the porters lined up and busy lugging away the tons of granite pyramid blocks now instead of a later date when I did not have all this surplus time would be what some call 'proactive'. When the Tyrants surveyed their new full sized sleeping arrangements, they were satisfied that it was adequate for the barbarian royalty. Well into the night, my
diaphanous slumber was left undisturbed. Only the whisking of the ceiling fan and the drum of crickets outside could be heard. Neither of them woke in the middle of the night to use the toilet either. This anomaly continued till well into the morning when I had to pry them out of the beds with explosives and heavy construction equipment. This my have been a fortuitous expenditure for the Mrs and I. She, of course, was dealing with the indescribable comfort of sleeping in the Iron Maiden ... it was like being in the middle of the Pampas ... not a soul to disturb her.

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