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Friday, August 03, 2007


Ahhhh ....

Yep ... it's been nearly a week since my last post. When I'm good ... I'm really good. When I'm bad ... oh, boy, stand back! So, let's crank up the 'way-back-machine' and take a peek at the comings and going in the Haupertonain manor over the last few days.

Friday was a general day of levity. The Mrs had woken me in the very early morning when she came to bed which resulted in a woefully poor night's sleep. I just had a very hard time falling back into my usual fitful slumber. The result was a Friday of Bleck. Since it was 'Water Play Day' at the reEducation Center cum Day-Camp, I was not going to take the kids swimming. Just to give me a chance to make it through the day without completely draining my batteries and going into a spoon deficit. The skipping of a dip in the pool did not parse well with the tyrants though. The previous day, they were gleefully engaged in water torture with Miss Steph ... one of Jacob's 'Girl Friends'. She is studying to become a teacher some day and seems to have a natural affinity for my little Tyrants. If she can woo these two into complacency, she will be an extraordinary addition to the ranks of those we call Teachers some day.

Another strange event last week was my introduction to a man who had brought his child into Karate as a new student. Nicky, the child, is half asian-half white ... and his father has MS. And he is a 'lapsed' black belt as well. We had a brief discussion and found a great deal of mirroring in our experiences. For some odd reason, when confronted by mortality we tend to become rather 'evangelical' about something and our enthusiasm in our pursuits is quite obvious. I'll probably be having some quixotic discussions with him in the future.

The parents came down Friday night. Good thing; the alternative would have been a jeremiad of unparalleled proportions. You see, we had a karate test at 1000 Saturday morning and I was not in a good place. Unknown to me, something was brewing my my immune system that would slowly build up to a crescendo a precious few days later. So, the kids did exceptionally well in their test ... they are both now Orange belts and their rewards of a new toy and a pizza lunch were graciously granted. Beaming faces were the rule of the day. What could top new toys, pizza and grandparents? Why, mommy and daddy going deeper into debt by laying out the cash for new full sized mattresses and box springs for everyone! Gramps had his Big Black Truck down so we were able to loot 'The Dump' and cart off a massive wagon-train of booty. It was fortunate that we made the purchase when we did though. The items we wanted were either the last one in stock or, as with one of the beds, not in stock at all. We just happened to be rewarded with a mattress set which had already been purchased by someone else. Ooops! To the quick and daring go the spoils, I suppose. Of course, had we been on the loosing end of that transaction there would have been blood spilled and the Twin Barbarian Fury unleashed upon the entire hamlet of Langhorne would have been legendary.

Sunday: A day of rest. Truly for me. The Grandparent Patrol was on duty and took the Twin Tyrants to the 0830 mass, giving me a precious 60 minutes of extra slumber. This was capriciously squandered though. After I had returned from the 1000 family mass (and able to witness the unmitigated suffering of other fathers with toddlers about me), Hero Dad and I set to completing the chair rail and assembling the New non-Hydraulic Master Mile Wide Bed. Henceforth, it will be named the 'Iron Maiden'. By far the most firm bed we have had since the Mrs and I left college some two decades ago. The Mrs has since slept on it twice while I occupy the old guest bed. We have not transfered our alarm clocks and such ... and the Twins still come to the guest bed in the middle of the night so I need to be there to redirect them to our new location ... which is about a foot higher off the ground. They need a boost to get up there at 0300 hours.

Monday: The bell finally tolls for me. After a weekend of excessive activity, I am struck down. My spoon deficit has been called in ... I have to pay the piper now. Everything hurts for no good reason. Well, for very good reason, but it's still a crappy thing to have happen. I spend the entire day immobilized in bed with the Mrs staying home to make sure I do not crump-out on her. God bless her, I would have tried to subsist on Doritos and Mt. Dew otherwise. She fed me OJ, Gatoraid and Pasta with chicken. I'm in a much better place today, but being bed-ridden for fear of moving (and enduring nonsensical pain) is quite the frustrating predicament to find oneself in.

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