White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Whew!

Monday, July 30, 2007



Quick weekend update (including Friday). Of course, we have to talk about Friday. It's the day I sat and glared at the support phone with all the intensity I could muster. And my transcendental glaring power caused all signals to be blocked, so no calls. With that success, I continued to glare all weekend long and thusly, no calls. It also seems to stop elephant stampedes since there were none of those either. Ahhh, it's good to be a great universal power ... even if the Twin Tyrants of Turpitude can stomp me into dust at will. As a small demonstration of their power, the Friday Karate Dodge Ball of Death Match went well. Genghis Jake still gets disappointed when he gets nailed by a ball, but he will soon learn to accept that as a fact of life. No, I do not intend on giving him a 'participation award' for everything he tries. Character is developed, no awarded.

Saturday was a busy day indeed. I managed to get most of the molding in the master bed room put up and only have the chair rail left and some minor patching to do. A little mop-up and installing the new anti-emf blinds are next and then we can move in. I tried to assemble the full sized bed frames from the bits and pieces we purchased about 4 years ago ... with little success. The support beams are supposed to hook into the head and foot of the bed which were the sides of the cribs ... but the hooks are inset about a quarter of an inch too deep so the hooks will not catch! We will either need to cut off 1/4 of an inch of the wood or get new beams. What a nuisance! Returning specialty order items 4 years after delivery will certainly not fly. After that, I needed a success story so I went out to mow the lawn and pick some cucumbers. I thought that I could be absurdly efficient at that, but the humidity laid waste to my plans. Sure, it got done, but I could not prance about and declare my super-daddy powers after that. Too damn hot, too damn humid. The bean picking had to go undone. Not that we have any sort of bean shortage. [Ed. If you ask the Mrs, she'll tell you that one bean is too many in her books ... the Green-House Methane Gas production is a sticking point when it comes to the beans.]

Then ... there was one day left. The day of rest. Yessss ... that elusive 'rest' concept ... it evades me. But not this time! No, I went to church with the Tyrants who clung to me like a brood newborn opossums to their mother. So, no assaults on the fellow parishioners this time. The compulsory donut run afterwards went as planned and they were happy as could be. Later on, after the Mrs returned from her shopping expedition, we drove out to the Victory Brew Pub to meet some of my fellow co-workers from my previous employer and the CEO/President and his Wife/Director of Development. Also was treated to the experience of meeting some 'new' children (deployed and undeployed) that had come onto the scene. FLAWLESS EXPERIENCE! Drinking beer, eating Pizza and going on a brewery tour. No work at all got done. Of course, after a V12 and an Golden Monkey I was pretty much shot. Man, 2 beers and I'm tossed out like a common lush. Must be getting old or something.

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