White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Kill the rabbit ...

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Kill the rabbit ...

bunny attack
Been a few days since I've had the gumption to sit down and rattle off some tripe about my quiescent life, no? Mostly, the end of last week and the Weekend itself was dominated by my endless battle with the Lupine Alliance. Those little vermin have been doing a number on the agricultural sector. The raiding teams they send in have done considerable damage to the lettuce, green beans, peas and terminally irrecoverable sun-flower mutilation. They left behind scarred green stalks and nothing else. The tomatoes are still ok though. The onions ... gone. Dug up and masticated. I'll have to start reinforcing the border fence to keep these undocumented intruders out. Poison is not an option. F few years ago, I took a metal mixing bowl and rendered one unto it's early demise. Elmer Fudd asked to be my student after that. I'm thinking that I'll try something a bit more conventional this year. I have a ton of fencing material in the garage/warehouse that I could encircle the garden with ... I'll just need a few more support girders and some Belgian boulders to secure the lower quadrant. If that does not work (or I do not get to it), I'll just have to settle for putting stones about the outer perimeter fence and topping them off with claymore mines.

Speaking of explosives ... I took Jake to the movie theater this weekend. 1015 Matine at the Franklin Mills mall. There were 2 other ppl in the theater so no collateral damage to the citizenry was accumulated once Jake realized the the 'penguin movie' Surfs Up was not all that he expected it to be. About 2/3rds of the way thorough the movie, the popcorn and twizzlers ran out and we found that his attention span reserves were depleted as well. With some rather creative manipulation, we managed to hold out till the credits and exited the smoldering remains of the structure. At the same time, Antsy Alexis and the ever Patient Mrs were attending a ballet/play representation of Cinderella. She (Alexis) barely moved and was titillated by the concept of 'intermission'. Indeed, she was not even put off by the epicene nature of men frolicking about the stage in tights. You see, she is used to more Manly-Man types with axes and chain saws. I'm certain that will be her dating criterion later in life. Chop, split and stack that pile of logs and then we'll talk about a night out gigging frogs. Heh, we sound like a bunch of hill-billies! NASCAR, chopping wood, crops ... if it were not for the Manhattan Cosmopolitan influence of the Mrs, we would probably communicate with a series of grunts and community grooming exercises. After the entertainment, we took a drive out to the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant where a former coworker (and fellow multi-ethnic family) was having a birthday party for his children. Magician included. Much happiness for the kids since there was a suitably large playground. They loved sliding down the cooling towers. It was absurdly hot and I started to feel a bit scruummy after a while. Pretty much a continuation of Friday's bletch/heat stroke type wave of nausea. After a while (1600 hours), we had to convince the Tumultuous Twins that it was time to depart since it was an hour drive back to the manor. Of course, they both fell asleep about 5 minutes into the trip.

Sunday. Yeah, I had to mow the pastoral expanse and the back 50 or the grounds would be completely unmanageable. We would be swallowed up by Gnarlwood Forest. Fortunately for me, it only got to 120F in the shade. That was complicated by me FUMING over the state (or maSTICATE) of garden. Maybe I should go out and see if I can pick up a fully automatic 12 gauge repeating shotgun. Good for rabbits AND heavily armed intruders.

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