White Lightning Axiom: Redux: New Day Dawning

Friday, April 20, 2007


New Day Dawning

Let's make this one quick, shall we? As the demons of unfinished tasks nip at my rear as I futilely flee, I take time to throw an additional albatross or two about my strained neck. I got little done at work yesterday, and I can not claim any growth in technical experience or basic fundamental understanding of the underlying architecture. Ghaaa, I detest the first few steps in a learning curve, it's so difficult to disabuse yourself of the belief that previous paradigms or methodologies are still valid. So much time spent in the 'design', so little time left for reveling in your success. But I kvetch too much, no? I have a job that many would sell their soul for and the opportunities that come with it.

As I mentioned above, the albatross I just scooped up was about 7 yards of triple ground hardwood mulch that I'll be putting on the flower beds this weekend. Provided they manage to deliver it Saturday morning. If not, I'll spend my time pulling weeds and collecting last years dead leaves. I'm not expecting to have to mow since I scalped the lawn when I mowed last weekend. It looked awful, but I wanted to pull up all the detritus that managed to get pounded into the turf. The fertilizer/crab-grass protection and grub control that I laid down should work well too. After the NorEaster flooded the great pastoral plains in the front of the Manor, the marshy expanse certainly had enough moisture and growth-hormones to send up a massive Tropical rainforest. I'll pop the mower deck up a notch next weekend and reap what I have sewn. The clippings go right into the garden to keep the genetically modified, highly aggressive weeds at bay. I'll be putting in the drip irrigation system this year so it'll be that much harder for the Triffids to run rampant over the Agricultural Sector.

And gasoline ... I need to put another 10 gallons in the POS Super Saturn. It's at $2.76USD at the local station. Stupid ethanol blend switchover.

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