White Lightning Axiom: Redux: White Noise

Thursday, March 08, 2007


White Noise

Nada. Yep, another zero post. Yeah, sure, I went to adult karate practice and found that I'm still not at 100%. And yes, I let the Tyrants off the hook so they could stay at the Manor and suck every last drop of life out of Gung-Gung. Oh, they did eat their dinner in record time the last two nights knowing that the extended play period was waiting for them. They certainly enjoyed playing in the snow we got yesterday ... REAL SNOW. None of this ice/sleet crap. A whole INCH of snow. My neighbor, Gus, even went so far as to get out his snow blower to clear his driveway. Not very effective on such a light dusting. As far as I can tell, most of the fluffy white power has evaporated in areas exposed to sunlight. So, no snowmen this year. Oh, and gasoline is at $2.57USD here. I suppose the extraordinary cold helped jack up those prices. Makes you wonder why oil futures are so strong while the market 'adjustments' are bringing everything else down.

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