White Lightning Axiom: Redux: lost time

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


lost time

Another bromide, barkeep. And keep the platitudes coming. It's a miserable day out there. Rain, rain and precipitation. Fortunately, I convinced the Mrs that we should go on an after-hours Mammoth Mound hunt so we do not have to worry about trying to scoop up slag-piles of that mess. It would not doubt have frozen into Volkswagen beetle sized messes that I would have to pry from the ground had we left it. It was a bit comical though ... her with a flashlight and me with the pooper-scooper combing though the grass looking for treasure. Such a tolerant woman. It was as if I took her out on a date to go giggin'. Her alacrity to support me in even my grandest larks and machinations is treasure beyond compare. To not love her as I do would certainly be an abomination. But I digress (with noble cause though). With the rain, I was expecting our annual power outage. We got lucky last night and we still had full service though the night. Which is to say, both the Mrs and I had access to the power grid and accompanying facilities. Glad I got that cleared up right away. Sheesh.

Yesterday, I neglected to mention that the Tyrants were sent off to the Northern Quantico Satellite Installation Pennypack Conservation Center (as noted here). Jake, in all his wonderment, got his first official bus ride. Buses, trucks, trains, planes ... they are all objects requiring gravitas for him. If you fail to recognize his 'ownership' of any particular vehicle on the road or near the road or even rail-road track crossing the road, you are entered into his mental database and regarded as a member of an effete gaggle of vapid milquetoasts. That said, he quite enjoyed the journey. Even more so, they enjoyed watching their 3 apples being crushed into cider mash. Something not quite right about that. I spout that hypocrisy as I sink my fangs into a crisp Red Delicious.

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