White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Attack Force Omega

Friday, September 15, 2006


Attack Force Omega

Rain, rain, rain. Left the car windows open last night and got a SuperSaturnSoaking for my trouble. One of these days I'll learn my lesson. I do, however, remember to close the windows in the winter. Snow in the driver's captain seat is distracting. Ice on the steering wheel is even more so. Just call me Soggy Bottoms.

I received permission slips in the Tyrants folders yesterday. Something about going to Quantico for training regarding communication listening devices or some such nonsense. Compliance Requirements states that all future world dictators must complete their 'Oppression Techniques' in accordance with their Personnel Management Objectives. No matter, the paperwork is filed, in triplicate. Mauve form went to accounting, Beige to inter-cabal distribution chain, Cyan to the 'Division that will not be named for it does not exist-wink-wink' and finally the transparent copy goes to the obfuscation dept where it will be shredded, re-shredded, thrown down the memory-hole and denied that it ever existed. The satellite instruction camp is also known as the Pennypack Environmental Center for funding purposes. If the Mayor of Philly only knew, he would probably stop harassing the Boy Scouts. It's odd though that they did not go to the Churchville Nature Center instead since it is only a couple miles away. Must be the Sarbanes-Oxley nonsense.

I met with another AC guy and Talked to NextDoorRob again. In the end I'm finding that because of the 6 TON BLOWER in the heating unit, there is no way in this reality that we will qualify for the 300$ tax credit. Damn. It seems as though I'll have to back down to a Trane XL14i and take my lumps there. You want to know how much that will run. Do you. You want the truth!? Yeah, I couldn't handle the truth either. No wonder Trane offers a 0% financing package. I might as well pay off the National Debt, at least I would have some money left over to buy a coffee. I wonder if I could just get someone to chip off a large chunk of an ice flow from the north pole and haul it to the back-50.

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