White Lightning Axiom: Redux: The Haupertonian Empire's new Grind

Thursday, March 09, 2006


The Haupertonian Empire's new Grind

Most excellent ... nothing happened yesterday. Mostly. When I got home, I lit a fire in the fireplace with my NEW WOOD and let the hounds out to scare up a patch of turf that they had not poisoned yet. For Katie, this is a 90 second operation. Pee, Poop, dance, go back inside. Thor, however, behaves like a diva. Complete silence, not interruptions, the soil and turf must be compacted just so and completion of the requisite 500 twirls before leaving a Mt Everest pile of dung. This time, there were interlopers and distractions. After 15 minutes of waiting for him to get down to business, I gave up and put him back inside. No, he did not get to lay out in front of the fireplace with Katie since I was certain he would find the conditions perfect for an intra-manor bowel movement. After I got back from the swim lessons with the kids, it took a significantly shorter duration for him to wrap things up. Silly dog.

Swimming with the kids went well. We are abandoning the float belts now and swimming between daddy and the edge of the pool now. Jake prefers to be submerged when doing this but I hope he soon finds that brining his head up for a breath of gaseous oxygen will allow him to go further. The fact that they do not mind going under water now AND jumping in w/o Daddy actually catching them is progress. Just a short 2 years ago Alexis would not even THINK about going into the drink unless I had her firmly clutched to my chest. Greg Louganis and Marc Spitz still have some breathing room but we are closing in on them. Speaking on closing in, Alexis ate like a trooper at Fuji and stunned me with her unending quest for more edamame. She probably would have eaten the whole bowl if she had not filled up on udon and pork dumplings. We may be heading into a growth spurt here.

The Ever Maternal Mrs is leaving us for NYC today. More treatments for the MIL's medical condition. We won't see her till late Sunday night so this weekend is already shaping up to be all about keeping the kids preoccupied. Maybe I'll cook up another Treasure Hunt for them ... minus the rain like last time. I'll have to think quick on this one though, I'm short on time and long on phlegm/sputum. Perhaps a trip to one of the local amusements would be nice too. We'll have to see if I can carve out some time. I've got to clean out the cruft I left in the back of Gus's van, clean out the garage so I start staining the wood going into Jake's room and deal with the log delivery on the 10th. That will be a whole different brand of fun. The Mrs gave me permission to buy a chain saw to take care of it. Mmmmm, hardware. Of course, there is vacuuming to be done, laundry, dishes, dogs need baths, garden needs tilling, flower beds need tending, lawn needs fertilizer .... ack!

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