White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Starting anew

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Starting anew

You would think after the mess that last week ended up as, things would calm down a bit on Monday. Yeah, right. That's not how my universe works. Instead of a downward spiral I've got an ever tightening clock spring. Right now, it's nearing the density of a black hole so watch out for the inevitable time-bending spatial distortion! The Mrs was resigned to staying locked up in the Manor with the Twin Tyrants all day long since it was Presidents day. This holiday is apparently a good reason to shut down the Day Care/ReEducation Camp. I never got that day off as a kid. Today's children are too soft. Don't even get me started on the whole 'up-hill both ways in the snow' bit. In any event, she was more than happy to see me arrive. Getting double-team super-fly sleeper-hold molested all day can take it out of you. Dinner was the usual fiasco of them preferring desert over whatever I had prepared for them. The one bonus facet though is that they figured out that you can eat more than just the peas in sugar-snap peas. MMmmm, good. More intake of greens is always comforting.

In less enriching news, we got another water shut-off notice. The last time we dealt with this, it was resolved as a miscommunication. This time I'm crying harassment. How awkward of a system can they have if they don't know that they have already removed the damn meter and that is why I'm not using any water. Cripes!

Sunny spot: The rental car is costing us 37$/day due to the Merck discount. It's a Pontiac G6 and it is really, realllyyyy nice. I damn near snapped my neck when I stepped on the accelerator. Ohhh, if the mileage was not so atrocious, I could live with a car like that. Take that, all you American car haters! ;)

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