White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Success

Monday, August 03, 2009



The TSD Test went off fairly well this weekend. The kids did well and I managed to bumble through my Black Belt test. Now, I'm a full fledged black belt practitioner. Next test, 2 years. Heh. One down side is that I may have broken a bone in my hand. Two days later and it's still swollen. I've considered going to the local ER ... but to what end?
In other news, the chickens are doing well in spite of this weekend's "end of days" rain storms. So much flooding, so cold. The cooler weather is doing ugly things to my squash/gourds but the corn and beans are loving it. The tomato plants are growing well, but the fruit is staying green since the night time temps are not peaking above 80 yet. Ugh.

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