White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Weekend Redux 20090202

Monday, February 02, 2009


Weekend Redux 20090202

A nice, slow weekend to put down in the chronicles of the Manor Haupertonain. I stuck around on Friday to distract the Tyrants and the Cybernetic Hounds while the Ever Diligent Mrs tried to work from home. It was mostly me trying to provide a sufficiently 'fluffy' pillow to the twins while we ground through the recorded Tivo shows in between loads of laundry and throwing wood into the fireplace. Then, we flee from our coddling quits to go swimming and do a bit of Death-by-Dodge-Ball to wrap up the day. Throw a pizza on top of that and you have the perfect recipe for an idyllic weekend.

Saturday: more of the same sans swimming and TSD. The Tyrants never made it out of their PJs. Sunday: do the Church/Sunday School thing and head off to the Family Friend Seliga's household for a Superbowl carnival of edibles that I should not touch. One small note, there seems to be an annoying bug going about in recent days. I had a minor sore throat and some sniffles. Upon returning to work on Monday, I've heard at least 4 other reports of similar a malady afflicting my coworkers. Ever read The Stand?

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