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Friday, February 13, 2009


Pining for spring ...

Not much new to blather about today. Just thinking about how I would really like winter to be over so I can start a bit of spring cleaning. No, really! It's not the lunch talking. Yeah, just back from at 'team' lunch. Note to self, when ordering a glass of Scotch at a Chinese restaurant (sans ice), be prepared for a GLASS of scotch. Yeah, I got a bit of Glenfiddich in me so this work stuff is rather unappealing. Hmmmm ... un ... appeallllllinnnnnnngggg. Yes. Ahem, of course. Now my final hours in this fine wintery (but unusually unseasonable) wecond week in the month of February will be somewhat muted. We will be taking the Scouts and Attila the Cookie Sales Monster to WDRV for a quick tour and then off to the pizza pie shop. That will leave me with little dinner/supper prep and no swimming as well. Friday means no homework as well! WOOT! After the pizza, we will sprint on over to the TSD Studio for DodgeBall Friday where the Mrs will grab the Tyrants and I'll head off to the monthly poker game for pizza, beer and bluffing. Yes, no swim meets or extra-ordinary events to deal with on Saturday, so I might actually get something done? I'll probably spend most of my time bringing in firewood before it snows again and puttering about in the garage. The driveway halogen lamp is on the fritz so I should probably deal with that. I do have some pressing details I should focus on through. Pthhhht! Whatever. See you all Monday with the Redux update. Oh, and yes, oil is now $34/bbl. Pricks.

Retraction: Oil is up 10% to $37 ... they are still uber-pricks.

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