White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mid-week slump

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Mid-week slump

I got nothing today. Mostly nothing. The Ever diligent Mrs had an evening meeting last night so was late returning to the Manor. That left me in charge of the Tyrants. We had our usual scuffle about finishing the Dinner Meal, which usually involves Ghengis not eating his soup but scarfing down everything else in record time. Attila is just the opposite where she assimilates the soup via some sort of time/space folding trick but nibbles at the 'solid' food.

The other night, I watched/read the Obama speech. Then I read a bunch of talking head commentary. What it boils down to is this: Those who voted for him, liked it, those who didn't nit-picked it. Yes, there were some factual errors but lets get to what my gut says. It was a nice presentation, but what now? Silver tongues do not lick stamps, so don't tell me that the check is in the mail. We know things are a bit dicey right now and we are still in free-fall, so lets drop all the nonsense and start making the hard decisions. And spending a shitload of my money on voter registration or sending bags of cash to countries who dance in the streets when our buildings fall is the 'WRONG' thing. Maybe it's my gun-rack conservatism rising here, but it may be time for us to take care of our own business for a bit. Sorry for the rant, I'll put my soap-box away for a bit.

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