White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Round and round

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Round and round

Yesterday went pretty much as expected. I did find that my mental faculties were less than 100% though. For some reason, I could not seem to get my last form correct and I was flopping about like a half dead carp on some of my earlier forms. Gha! I was embarrassed to even call myself a practitioner of the ancient art (Way of the Open China Hand). Foppish, effete and ineffectual. Hopefully, I'll do significantly better today. With that said, I have only a few days to clean up before the Black-Belt pre-test. The Tyrants are closing in ... triangulating ... plotting. They'll most likely get their first stripe on their red-belts and that puts them 6 months away from their 'Cho-Dan Bo' (phonetically spelled). That means they are about 1 year and 3 months from their black belt. Right about the time they have their 8th birth-day. Fear it, the coming apocalypse!

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