White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Weekend Redux 20080721

Monday, July 21, 2008


Weekend Redux 20080721

Nothing spectacular this weekend. Saturday I spent a good deal of the time hiding from the heat. I had grand plans of mowing the pastoral expanse while the Mrs and the Tyrants were out shopping for their school uniforms. That did not work out so well for me. I stepped out the door with a gay spring in my step only to be flattened by the heavy hand of oppressive humidity. Damn near croaked on the spot! I crawled back inside to the sub-zero environment of the hermetically sealed Haupertonian manor and gazed out the window at the waves of heat rising off the macadam. Ick. Later that day, we were invited to a 'going away party' at one of the Family Friend's Seliga Operational bases. Since it involved a pool and beer, this was a no-loose option to the heat. Or so I thought. Of course, after a few beers and such, I ended up getting pushed into the pool before I had an opportunity to change into my swim trunks. Mmmm, wet tighty-whities! No matter, a few beers and some food that is bad for my battle against triglycerides and I'm splashing about the pool with the rest of the kids. After my eyes start to liquefy from the chlorine, bleach and hydrochloric acid ... I retreat to the horse-shoe lane where I offer myself up as bait to the gathering horde of skeeters and throw wildly, poorly aimed shots at a dimly visible bar. A synergistic effect of the pool water and waning dusk. It was short lived, mind you. If it was not for the fact that we could not see a damn thing, the skeeters would have sucked us dry. The tyrants and I put on a TSD show with the staff form we are practicing and then, as midnight approached, we called it a night and headed back to the manor.

Sunday was another 'day of rest'. Mow the lawn, clean the gutters, prepare and seed some bare spots in the lawn, pick veggies from the agricultural expanse, get eaten alive by skeeters, pterodactyls and black-flies. Standard Sunday stuff except it was standard Philly Heatwave weather. One tangent though; while I was out mowing some fellows with an English accent stopped by and asked to repave the Mile Long driveway. I thought ahead enough to call the Mrs over so she could act the part of the 'reluctant' purse-holder in the transaction. We are saving our dimes for the new car at the end of the year so shelling out 5K for new macadam was not in the cards. Perhaps, after we add on to the Manor to include a 'Mother-In-Law' suite ... we will do this. No use in paving a driveway that will be ripped up for a cement pad.

One last thing ... this week I'll be starting both my Motorcycle Safety classes and trying to get going on my Hundred Push-Ups program. I'm shooting for 75 or 125 which is level 6/7 in my age group, but I'll probably crap out around 60 or so. They'll most likely be crappy ones to boot. Redouble the efforts, yet again.

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