White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Sighting of the Rare Friday Post

Friday, July 18, 2008


Sighting of the Rare Friday Post

My typically meticulous posts on the ongoings of the Haupertonian Chronicles has been less than optimal of late. Not quite certain how this happenstance has come about. Motivation? Weird. Fret not, I shall redouble my efforts! No more of these laconic quips of little form or circumstance! Well, the next post will be long and wordy. Yeah.

Speaking of redoubling efforts; I picked this up over at Charile's place: 100 pushups. The goal is apparently to do 100 perfectly formed pushups. No nancy-boy, but in the air, head jerking kinds either. The only reason this is of interest is that when I FINALLY get to black-belt level, I'll be required by tradition to do 100 pushups. Now, I know I can do 100 sloppy pushups, and can blunder through the first 30 or so in good form, but then the old trick shoulder starts to carp and the rest resembles an elephant executing a belly-flop in a swimming pool of lime jello. That brings to mind, what the next two weeks hold in store for me. The Tyrants need to memorize and perfect their second staff form for the test. There will be INTENSIVE drilling on this till we get it straight ... the Grandparents of Everlasting Love and Admiration will be down and we want to make sure to impress! That, and it's their red-belt test so it's a bit important to them ... they will be allowed to wear black uniforms now. Really 'Ninja' chik!

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