White Lightning Axiom: Redux

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Not much new to update you all on today. Well, I do have this jeremiad of doom and sorrow: I split the skin between my pinky toe and the meat of my foot ... on both feet. Hurts like hell since my feet sweat like a Havana Hog Herder in an August Heat-wave. I tried super-glue this morning as a sort of derma-skin, to no avail. I'll have to get some tape on them to keep the fissures closed long enough to heal. Probably using something more flexible than super-glue would help to. It tends to break into pointy shards after a bit. Jumping out of bed, first thing in the morning, can be a rude shock when it feels like someone took a box-cutter to your tender tootsies. Speaking of pointy shards and because I cannot get enough pain in my life, I have a dentist appointment (first one in 3 years) later this afternoon. That is going to be a whole mess of fun, I can tell you. The whir of the foot powered drill is already revving up in my ear. The plaque on my teeth is growing in thickness by the second! Oh, there will much lamenting as they call for the industrial jack-hammer to denude my chompers of the the lacquered layers of languid neglect. Serves me right, should have done this 2 years ago.

Gas prices. Have not groused about that lately, eh? It's hovering at $4.05 USD/g around here of late. The Mrs heads off to NJ every so often and I send a few 5 gallon petrol cans with her that she fills up at about $3.85 USD/g when she refuels the Family Tank V2.0. Since my trip to work is either 8.5 miles or 6.5 miles (depending on the office location I go to), I have little need for gas on a regular basis. The extra driving for the Tyrant's activity triples that mileage though. Roughly, 5 gallons a week. Once we get a new (higher efficiency model) vehicle for the Mrs, I'll be the primary driver of the Family Tank and then we will see some relief. She commutes a significantly longer distance than I and really does not need the whole complement of battle-ready peripherals and super-sized cargo-bay. At that point, converting my local drive over to a scooter or motorcycle will help ameliorate some of the gasoline budget.

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