White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Back from vacation

Monday, July 14, 2008


Back from vacation

This is a damn shame. I'm back at work. Over the last week, we had a party for the Tyrants that rivaled even the most lavish Roman celebration. We went to Sesame Place, Hershey Park, Valley Forge National Park and the Independence Center in Philly. We went bowling and did some miniature golf. Giggleberry (Thank you Philadelphia Toboggan Company) Fair was in the works and we ate perhaps a metric ton of ice cream. Pizza and hot-dogs were the food-stuff of choice when we were not dining at the finest restaurants. We went to Kids Castle in Doylestown and spent time at Chuck-E-Cheese. In total, it was a fantastic vacation and many thanks to the Grandparents, uncles and all those who made it as enjoyable as it was. Now, back to work. Ugh.

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