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Monday, June 30, 2008


Weekend Redux 20080630

Okay , even as an experienced raconteur ... gotta make this quick. I have a bazillion hours of meetings to attend over the next week and a birthday party (week-long) to prep for. I'm going to be busier than a puppy with two peters! So, into the mix we go as I attempt to apprise you, my faithful digesters of Haupertonain lore. Late Friday, I attempted to be a good Samaritan when i saw a rather large (by today's measure) sedan (think it was a crown vic) stopped on the side of the road. It looked as if it were riding rather low and when I passed it by, I noticed that the driver side front tire was indeed deflated. I thought it would make for some good brownie points in purgatory if I would lend a helping hand. No luck. The rather capable and fit man inside was busy on his black-berry calling for help as the 'on-star' sqawked away and the GPS busily informed him that he needed to turn right in 200 feet. When queried as to his situation, he grinned and noted that his axle had dropped and no change of vulcanized steel-belted rubber would do any good. Merrily, I departed and left him to his electronics. My points will have to remain unredeemed for now.

This weekend, the Mrs was heading up to Long Island, Bethpage, to visit some family and took Attila with her since, of the two, she can be the most manageable. She is the planner, that little one. Jake is more of an Implementation expert. Saturday, Ghengis and I pretty much just goofed off the entire day. Sure, I mowed the lawn, picked up dog poo (unfortunately, in that order), did some gardening, refilled the bird feeder with oil-seed, and generally took care of business inside when it was raining outside. He, being a little boy, watched transformer videos, played on the Wii (We only allow that console game, and no games that are sit-down) and asked for pizza or fries most of the time. Given his preference, we went out to the local 'Hole in the Wall' restaurant and bar to have nachos, fries, pizza, onion rings and deep fried cheese sticks. The pile of nacho had peppers in it with olives ... and I actually ate the olives. Those are one of my few disliked foods. Something odd is happening to my tastes.

Sunday was marginally more productive. The night before, I let him sleep on mommy's side of the bed, and at the weary hour of 0700, he slowly woke up, smiled and pointed out the open window where the sunlight was streaming in. Morning ... his favorite time of the day. Mostly, because his days hold so much promise of new activities and adventure. We are going to to our best to make sure that he can retain that joy for as long as possible. We watched his Transformer dvd in the morning until it was time to wash-up and head off to church. While there, we dropped off the recycling at the local parochial school (they get $$$ for it while I get charged for the local township charges a flat fee to take it from me [and probably toss it in with the regular garbage]) which lead to a detailed discussion on why we recycle and why trees are good. Right after church, we drove off to the Theater to watch wall-E. He was thirsty. We had gotten there just moments before the movie had started so I sat him down and was about to pay 55% for the 55 gallon drum of sugar suspended in water when I noted the line for rot-gut streamed all the way to Ohio. Lets see, leave him alone in a theater and trust he will not yell fire. Not on your life! He would have to wait till later when we stopped at Nifty-Fifty's. That, of course, did not turn out the way we had expected it. We both had hot dogs and malt-shakes. Difference is that on his last bite, he overstuffed his mouth, gagged and spewed a vile combination of digestive juices, chocolate shake and hot dog all over the place. I caught the first gallon or so, but the rest was spatter about, mostly on me. Mini-golf will have to wait till another day. We rushed home, took a bath and then he begrudgingly napped in the master suite mile-wide bed for a few hours. I had to stay there with him, of course. Not that I needed a nap or anything. Nope, not me. Not ... yawn .. meee... zzzzz.

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