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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Random Title #712

I've been a bit busy of late and my blogging has had to suffer for it. A flagging desire to engage in word-smithing is not the primary issue here, just a symptom. I had planned to be a bit more verbose today, but the nature of the 'end of month' planning is chewing up my schedule something fierce. Old news is new news don't you know. I'll just dredge up some of my old complaints: End of sprint cycle coming up and along with it, a litany of meetings and impulse/ad-hoc status updates. The swimming and TSD with the children is back on track. After a week off with the Grandparents, they are utterly and totally spoiled. Forgot half of their forms and could not stay standing for more than a micro-second without fiddling. I expected this. Of course, we will have a repeat of this after the 'Week of Birthday Celebration' that is planned for the 4th of July. We have a lot of planning going into that week so I hope the Tyrants appreciate it. Just the 5th will be a logistical challenge in itself. I mean, how do you slow roast a Steak-osaurus Rex!?

Bad news ... I am taking a motorcycle safety course and the final test just happens to fall on the same day as the next TSD test; August 2nd. Oh, woe is me for I shall have to take an 'In Class' test which is essentially Master Smith spending all his energy on trying to break me down. Now the test itself is no less difficult than the effort I usually put into the class every night mind you. It will just be the probability that I'll get my tush whooped something fierce during the test. What I'm doing to save a few gallons of gasoline ... I'm considering the unintended consequences now. I hear you do not need a Class M license for a motor scooter. I would surely look manly on that, no?

And because I forgot to include links: I submit thoughts on health:viatmin-D and flossing.

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