White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Back in the saddle V2.0

Monday, June 23, 2008


Back in the saddle V2.0

Over the past weeks, much went afoul of which very little was under my control. The support phone is a maddening and vexing responsibility that can sap the very life out of a man in a mere few hours. The choler that emanates from aggrieved parties due to actions taken by their very hands that now grip the headset so tightly is unsurpassed. My coworkers are astounded at my foul luck. Each tour of duty is just as heinously renascent as the last. It is up to me to forget the bad time in the past and enjoy what I am doing now. The time we have spent at Sesame Place with Friends, the week at 'Camp Grandpa' that the kids just came back from ... those are good memories for me to hold on to. My capacious capacity for an egalitarian treatment of experiences makes this a tremendous task. So, here is the good: PT over, New Dentist that is close by, Sesame Place, Garden growing well, kids growing better, I'm getting a lot of opinions from doctors telling me that I'm in good shape. To the rest; PtttthhhhtTTT!

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