White Lightning Axiom: Redux: The pendulum swings back ...

Thursday, May 01, 2008


The pendulum swings back ...

Nothing new today, unfortunately. Got up a bit later, but made nearly every light on the way to work so spent about 15 minutes on the road. Sweeeet. It seems that I have entered a realm where my usual jeremiads and lamentations are evaporating like that last puddle of slush on a brisk May morn. Fear not my intrepid readers, the TSD test is this weekend and I'll have many tales of woe and misery as I recount the various damaged systems and crippling blows I am forced to withstand! Oh, I nearly forgot, since we did not go swimming yesterday (the pool is closed for a large swim class), I got my hair cut. Human again, thank goodness. And gasoline, well, now at $4.63USD/g. Feh, that 5g/week thing is saving the budget, but jeeze! I remember .81/g back in the early '90s. Sigh.

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