White Lightning Axiom: Redux

Friday, May 09, 2008


Ahh, the end of the week ... and not a day too soon. The doctor's visit last night was entertaining ... right up till we got to the part where I had to broach the subject of the Southern Exposure. Yeah, I'm a bit on the shy side when it comes to that area, but my Female Doctor assured me that at a ripe old age of 45+, she is pretty much seen it all in the GP business. So, she had a few moments to have a conversation with the sentient being now evolving back there, she wrote me a prescription for some nuclear balm to burn the little bastard out. It was telling when she proclaimed "OH! You poor dear! I've owned CARS smaller than this." and let me know that it seemed to be one of the lesser variety that would not require any incisions, ligation or firing squads. While she had the pad out, she wrote me a script for physical therapy (bad back) and a referral for a wad of blood tests. She asked if I needed anything for the ripped ligament in my chest wall (oxycontin, tylenol-3, percocet, opium) but I declined. She and I run with the same pack with regards to pain: If you numb it all out, you'll never know if something is horribly wrong.

An interesting note with the doctor's visit ... I had to come directly from TSD practice with the kids so the Mrs was there to take over. I left at about a quarter to seven for a 1910 appt. I needed about 15 of the 20 minutes I alloted for the commute. So there I was in my DoBok when the nurse/physician's assistant walked in. She eyed me up and asked: "Are you going to give me any trouble?", to which I responded "Hardly none mam. Yourself?". She chuckled (in that knowing way that sadistic nurses do) and we moved on with the interrogation. The Doctor was quite happy with my diet and exercise routine and she commiserated with me about how her Husband was less than enthusiastic about such pursuits. She has a fairly bubbly personality and it tends to loosen up the patient-doctor relationship quite nicely. Of course, she noted, she would rather spend time in the room with me rather than the next patient ... troublesome case. Indeed, not so much the ailment as it was the person. No doubt, she will fare well and we will indulge our interest in small-talk on my follow-up next Thursday.

Other small tid-bits: It's raining this fine Friday so I'll not be mowing the Expansive Pastoral Expanse today. The SuperSaturn POS was pinging away so I had to add a quart of oil ... damn thing burns more oil than gasoline! Ghengis and Attila are having issues with Lunch ... they tend to want to play more than eat so when they are picked up, they are full from their 1600 'late' lunch ... that makes dinner a challenge. I honestly believe that they have NEVER suffered through true hunger yet. Snack adjustments are in order. Oh, and gasoline prices are steady at $3.60USD/g ... till Memorial Day. When do you think we will get to $5USD/g?

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