White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Rocket Science

Friday, April 11, 2008


Rocket Science

Okay, today is a meeting day. The day when all the work on everyone's plate gets cleaned off by pushing it into the salad bowl of the person to the left of you in the meeting room. Of course, while you are busily offloading your gristle to the poor soul to the left of you, the dude on the right is dumping a load of tripe into your domain. I damn near cooked myself when I left the Manor this morning by leaving my laptop sitting outside when I left. I was busy loading empty propane cylinders (gotta have them ready for all that steak I'm going to grill) into the POS SuperSaturn and set it on the plant stand ... and zipped off. The Mrs spotted it when she was leaving and brought it to the DayCare/ReEducation Facility where she arrived just as I was leaving. Good thing, I would have missed all the meetings and would not be able to defend my 'in-bowl' from tripe attacks. I might have remembered that I forgot it as I proceeded down the Mile-Long Driveway, but I spotted SeaBee Chuck, our neighbor, as I was rolling down the access road. I honked at him and waved ... and saw a small package in the center of the road as I slowed down. So, I stopped and had a short conversation with him. He was heading off to go watch the 'Masters' golf tournament with his children and asked if I could watch after his home while he was away. His Mrs was going down to the Jersey Shore that weekend so there would be nobody to note if a moving truck rolled up and emptied their home. While talking, we wandered over to where the phone was laying on the ground, turned it on and called the number in the address book listed under the 'Home' heading. There was also a letter on street addressed from Stan F******n to another person. It was Stan's phone. I let the woman (presumably his wife) know that I had found his phone, a letter and some other assorted items. They would be waiting on the front step of an address (Chucks's) that I gave to her. Lucky I spotted Charles or that phone would be a flattened mess.

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