White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Nobody in here but us phagocytes!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Nobody in here but us phagocytes!

Floating about like bubbles on the fickle winds of fate. Yes, yesterday was ok, more or less. Since the pool was occupied by the class, we did skip the swimming and went straight back to the Manor. I had a string of chores that I wanted to complete but did not get to them. Worst of all, I did not get around to watering the garden or the newly planted grass. BAD GARDNER, BAD! Even more so, I have not managed to slice out any time to set up the chore list/reward chart for the unusually winsome Tyrants. Perhaps I'll get my legs underneath me by this weekend and pull off a major work-load coup. I had better since the following weekend is already completely booked (1st communion, TSD Test).

Oh, and gas is $3.47USD/g here now. No good reason for that, you know. I want my nukes, I want my wind-turbines, I want my solar. I want my ANWAR drilling, I want my ND drilling, I want my 50mpg diesel engines.

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