White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Must ... Control ... Fists ... of ... Death...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Must ... Control ... Fists ... of ... Death...

Something went horribly wrong at the massive Scrum meeting Monday afternoon. You see, I worked VERY hard last month to make the project I was assigned as ScrumMaster a success. So much so that I completed the entire endeavor on time and with enough surplus man-hours that I could help out with other projects. My reward is that my team is disbanded. So, I scurry about to make sure my peers get to move onto other teams (performance improvement, 'TLA' development team, etc...). All juicy projects. So, when I get a chance to tend to my own needs ... all that is left is a slot on the pre-qualification test team. Yeah, I get to make sure that OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK IS GOOD ENOUGH. WHAT!!! I'm not trying to belittle the task of doing 'PreQualification' but this is like using a 50lb Sledge to crack a walnut. I went down this path once before and now I'm going to have a word with my functional manager about withdrawing my services from this sprint. By tomorrow, either I'll have calmed down or I'll go about my business of pissing in everyone else's breakfast cereal. Then, I got home and find my home life much too enjoyable. It's like spending your day shoveling dung only to go home and be carried about on a feather soft pillow and fed sweet grapes like a victorious general. Knowing all to well that I'll have to return to the urine soaked trenches the next day to scrabble about the fetid rancid muck for a footing to resist the onslaught of barbaric louts and cretinous laggards.

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