White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Moving along

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Moving along

Another day zipped by and I barely appreciated it. I did decide to take it a bit easier today. You know, give my body a few moments to heal itself so I no longer have to deal with the odd pains or recalcitrant joints. We have that TSD test this weekend and I would like to be able to get through it with a MILD concussion and minor contusions. I left work a bit earlier after hours of back-to-back meetings so with all that extra time, I dropped off the enrollment forms at the New Advanced School for Tyrant Transformation of Warmongering Itinerate Turpitudic Siblings (NASTy TWITS). While in the neighborhood, I stopped by the location where I was going to rent a Tux, only to find that they were open Tues-Sat and not available on Mondays. Gha, same thing with my barber and I dearly need a haircut! Alas, I spent my last $20 on a second responsibility chart for the Tryants. Apparently, one was just not enough for the both of them. I can still see them now, facing off at high noon on a dusty street as the tumble-weeds roll by. Attila, flexing her 'shootin hand' as Ghengis spits out of the side of his mouth, squarely pegging a beetle scurrying over the parched planking of the nearby saloon. She calls out; "Gou-Gou! This responsibility board ain't big 'nough for the both of us. That means someone is out of luck. I'm figger'n it's gonna be you." He retorts; "I dun' think so Moi-Moi, see'n that Daddy just went and shelled out a share-cropper's budget for a second board. It's a looking like both of us are gunna be on the short end of this here stick." And so comes the realization that these gifts were actually a Trojan Horse by which the Peloponnesian Parents War will be won.

The rest of Monday was mostly a hard stinging rain. Like a cow piss'n on a flat rock, no less. I was ahead of the game this time and picked a bowl full of greens from the Agricultural Sector so that there will be enough salad for the next 2-3 days. The Lettuce, Arugula and Spinach are coming in nicely. And so are the peas, tomatoes and beans (both soy and string). In fact, nearly everything is coming up like gang-busters ... including the volunteers! A lot of pumpkin and lettuce is popping up in places I did not expect ... along with some survivors of the 'Great Carrot Massacre'. So, even though temperatures dropped precipitously over the last few days, I believe that we will do just fine in the organic 'delicate green delectables' department this year.

Now for the Gas Report. I did not eat any beans or cabbage, so gas is still up at $3.60USD/g in these parts. The Stimulus Check will not make that an easier pill to swallow (hello, supply and demand?), but at 5 gallons a week, I'll manage. It's the Mrs who is driving the Family Tank V2.0 who is paying the price for what speculators and politicians are doing. Biofuels are making things a mess and they only create more problems the closer we look at them! Of course, they are being blamed for the increased cost of food ... but read this article and tell my why food prices are going up when we are producing more food (minus the slice taken out for ethanol) than ever before!? SPECULATORS and POLITICIANS! Gha ... those two groups vex me daily.

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