White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Dub-Day

Wednesday, April 16, 2008



POW! WHAM! SPLAT! And all that other good stuff. The last few hours have been rather mundane. Work has been a real bugger. I though I had messed up a bug fix but after several hours of tinkering around, I deduced that the fix was working as advertised and was failing a validation of frequency comparisons because the Encryption Modulator was set up to use a different set of QPSK/QAM settings. It worked on the dev platform where things were set up properly, the test platform was mis-configured and the code detected it. DUH! The System Integration Tester was absent once I learned of the deception ... I'll have to explain this to her at the SCRUM meeting the following morning. Fun.

The other day, Jake did WELL in TSD and swimming. I believe it was because Stephanie was present as the pool so Jake had to show off. Then, on Wednesday he was all played out so he did not do so well. We need to focus on his forms for the test that is coming up at the end of the month or he may not make the test list. Either way, he is the toughest little 5yr old Martial Arts Practitioner next to his sister. Master Smith is giving them a little more constructive criticism of late ... and they tend to listen to him a bit more so than me. If they pick up the next two forms as well as they have with the others, they should have little difficulty making their red belt. (Insert Image of Proud Daddy puffing up his chest)

A few nits and ends: Scheduled the water company to insert a water meter for the sprinkler system on Friday ... I'll wager they will not do it since I'm not going to be there. I should put a sign up were the meter should be installed out near the curb. They will probably assume they need access to the basement ... not true. Mental note; make sign. Odd thing, they did not mention that there will be a $50 surcharge for installing the meter for the summer. I think the woman who threatened me last time was bluffing to get me to go away. Grrr. I've also scheduled the sprinkler guys to come out and give the system a once over. On the same day, the AC guy is supposed to show up some time between 0900 and 1400 hours. When I asked about the wide range of time, they insisted that they might get emergency calls on Saturday and there is only one technician on call. Umm, I'm pretty sure that I'm the ONLY guy even trying to turn on the AC at this early date so their hedging is just a clumsy attempt at expectation management. Fair enough, but I'll be calling the Friday before to firm up the time. 0900 would be a much better time for me ... free up my day so I'm not sitting there, pining away for some fellow to show up like a teen-age girl waiting for her prom date. Of course, if it's some hottie in string bikini and daisy-duke cutoffs ....

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