White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Corkscrew into the tarmac

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Corkscrew into the tarmac

Traffic has been a real bear of late. My fellow travelers on the by-ways and back-roads have all lost their minds. Knowledge of what a turn signal is for has been lost. Smoking with one hand, phone in the other and fumbling with the radio, it's no wonder I've had to crawl through no less than 4 accident scenes this week. Laws won't stop this behavior either ... jeeze.

Now children, it is time for me to dive into my usual antediluvian litany of sorrowful tales regarding my general health. I seem to find some bizarre calling that brings me to TSD practice every night. And with that, my body issues out a trill cacophony of creaking joints and singing tendons and I try to muscle my recidivist body into stances that even the Circ De Sola aficionados cringe at. Other than the usual staccato clicking of abused bones, I buckled my big-toe under last night while kicking a 'heavy-bag'. Yeah, it still hurts and it looks more like an egg-plant with a toe-nail painted across it. Oh, and my back aches so much now that I think I seriously need to look into seeing a chiropractor. I even have a coupon for free bone-snapping for one that is near-by. End of whine.

Oh, and gas prices. Over in Jersey it's $3.11USD/g ... around the Manor $3.30USD/g. Gha, good thing I only burn 5g per week. Instead of a new diesel TDI VW stationwagon next year, I should look into a vespa with 2 side-cars.

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