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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Busy ....

So, I'm trying to train myself to wake up earlier in the day. You know, so I can shift my schedule a bit so that by the time the Tyrants enter 1st grade, I'll be prepared to pick them up at 1500 hours. If you work backwards ... I'll have to leave work by 1430 to get to their school in time ... which means I'll have to start working at 0630 ... have to leave home by 0600. Yep, should be fun. In other [work] news, the new 'Sprint' is moving along. Within a few hours of starting, we found that the release had failed and we need to have a new build done. One day blown, reset, restart, ipl. I'm really hoping that there will be no other surprises so I can wrap this up quickly and move on to more ... pressing matters.

Environment: It's getting warmer here. A little rain, some sunshine ... yes. Spring IS here. I'm even floating the idea of mowing the lawn on Friday ... mostly to just pick up all the surplus leaves and twigs. There are a few tufts of grass poking up where it survived the onslaught from the Cybernetic Hounds. I'm getting that peculiar itch to do lawn work. Curiouser and Curiouser.

Finally, I'll bring in the deus ex machina to wrap up all this disjointed babbling and red herrings. Last night at swimming Attila leapt from the side of the pool with the expectation of me intercepting her trajectory and facilitating a negative acceleration before her mass/velocity energy struck the liquid inhabiter. Being taken by surprise, I wrenched that durned muscle in my neck (the one daintily attached to the skull and collarbone). TSD practice ensured that I would aggravate it mightily. It is and I'm a bit dismayed at my own lack of cognition about the path I was waltzing down. I would have, could have, should have ... you know.

Oh, and then there is this: Islam vs Catholicism. Don't mess with the XVI.

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