White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Again, with the Tuesdays! Hello Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Again, with the Tuesdays! Hello Wednesday.

Okay ... kind of bland today. Yesterday, we had to get the tyrants up extra early since we forgot to MAKE them do their ubiquitous homework the night before. My bad, I was not on top of my game Monday afternoon so matters that I typically tend to were left to fester. Not much else to add to that other than the usual work fluff and the horrible state that the commute had descended to. There had been some sort of accident or fender-bender nearly every day (both morning and evening) this week. Tomorrow (4/24) is 'Take your Future Rulers of the Planet' to work day. I'm seriously considering brining in the Tyrants ... but I am having difficulty balancing the Pros and Cons here. Either way, it should provide a bevy of potential blogging topics. The only thing I have now is that I'm going to skip swimming today since the 'therapeutic' pool is closed due to an extra-ordinarily large swim class from 1630 till 1715 ... prime time for the Tyrants to swim. The alternative is the 33F degree lap lanes and I'm just not that interested in freezing my twig-n-berries off. I'll water the garden and move some much around instead.

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