White Lightning Axiom: Redux: 0625 hours

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


0625 hours

WOOT! Made it in before 0630 today. And I only hit the snooze bar once at 0515. As I was telling CharliePATpk at the 'ass-crack' of dawn, I used to do this sort of thing when I was younger and not a Father. I would get up around 0430, get out of the Haupertonian Keep (apartment) at 0455 and drive a bazillion miles to Wilmington (DE) or King of Prussia (PA) to work out at 0600 for an hour or so. Of course, I would not leave work till 1900 hours or so ... spirited youth - wasted in a sensory deprivation cube. Alas, my motivation now is not to dedicate my waking hours to a career in technology. Now, it is so I can LEAVE work to be with my loved ones as they are released from their mandated institutionalized education ... so I can continue with the education that they really need. Music lessons and fire-arms education are still on the back-burner.

Nothing else is noteworthy. Swimming, TSD, Adult TDS all went fairly well. The Smith Quints were at the pool today and we said hello to them. Cute kids, but their mother looked a bit harried ... go figure. Oh, and gas prices went down 1 cent. WOOT! HUGE GASOLINE MARKET CRASH!!! Yeah, right. Upside of getting on the road early is that I can hit all the lights and not spend so much time idling at red signal lights ... and avoid all the typical fender benders as well. BTW: That photo is of me and a small harem of my cousins on the Fraternal side of the Clan.

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