White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Going Strong

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Going Strong

Ahhh, the acrid sent of train brakes brings me to discover the various misnomers abounding about the techno-sphere.So, there was more cool and confusing stuff to go over today. Of course, I'm mentally exhausted. So much information and not enough base knowledge to convert it into intelligence and practice. I'm fairly certain that a great deal of what I was blanketed with went right down the memory hole. In fact, I know it! I cannot remember what SOA is an acronym for! GHA, good thing I take copious notes about this kind of thing. Somehow, I split the skin on my index finger though so operating the 'nipple mouse' on the keyboard has been a sysiphusian endeavor. I would be a rather difficult field study for phsychologists who adhear to the pain avoidance theory. I wonder what Freud would say. Yeah, like I carry water for any of those 'old dead white europeans'. I'm more of a Maslow guy. Jung was just too much of a wierdo. Not much else to note today except that I had an extended lunch discussion about FaceBook and MySpace. Not a fan of them either. I like my interactions to be presented with more content and not just a veneer of shiny colored widgets. That's why I love all you blog fiends ... you want MORE!

Started to rain on the last day of the conference ... fortunately it let up briefly so I could walk to the Train Station without having to do a 200 meter free-style. Spring rainstorms are always so violent around here.

Karate should be interesting, picked up extra uniform. My one wash a week rule has left me smelling of a week old italian sub left under a vinal seat in august by the time Friday rolls around. The Tyrants have not had me around to keep them on track in the class, and it shows. Ah, well. Five year old Tyrants in making will do as such.

Gung-Gung is leaving this weekend. The Mrs is going to take him up to NYC so she will be absent for a few days. That means I will have to entertain the little hot-heads for the time being. I have a bunch of flowers and veggies that need to go into the ground so that should keep them occupied for a bit. I still have not been able to locate any tomatoes and that will require an extra trip when I do. I'll need a bit of soil to replace the missing stuff in the herb beds. So much to do, so little time. At least I'll have two 'helpers' to take some of the trouble away. Right?

Final note; today is the last day of the 'Scrum' so I'll be spending most of my day in meetings, reviews and retrospectives. Not much real work will get done but I'll have the opportunity to sleep in a bit and go to work late, for I will miss NOTHING.

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