White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Back to Reality

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Back to Reality

Wow.... two days in a row. Well sort of. Late Monday night I had to drop off the Preacher BIL at the train station so he could back to work the next day. The Lord's work is never done, don'cha know. With that behind me, I managed to stay up a bit too late dealing with my aching muscles after tilling the back 50. I did not sleep well at all. To make things worse, the choice to sleep in the next morn was complicated by the Cybernetic Hounds having their internal clocks all muffed up. They ended up craping all over the Manor floor because I did not release them early enough. That, and feeding them a bunch of carrots I pulled from the garden while tilling. That little bit of extra fiber was of no help. So, clean up the steaming mountains of fetid poo and boiling acid lakes of piss and light a fire in the stove to keep Gung Gung warm till I get home in the evening. Once I left with the kids, Thor, that foppish dunderhead, laid another mountain range on the floor for the Mrs to attend to. She was not pleased. What a nice welcome home, eh? On top of that we had a mailbox BURSTING with bills and the 10:1 requisite ratio of unsolicited junk correspondence. That is a bonus since I can use it to help light the fires in the wood burning stove. Insert evil laugh here. The rest is standard stuff. Swimming with Gung Gung in attendance, Kids Karate and Stealth Ninja Training (with Gung Gung) and then my own training for 90 minutes. The Tyrants were a bit off and I was no better after a 5 day leave. Too much Easter Delights, not enough attention to the price I was destined to pay. Then, of course, I have a conference on Emerging Technologies (Agile, Java, RubyRails, Web 2.0, etc) to attend over the next few days which will make my posting extraordinarily dry. If I lapse into techno-babble, ignore the TLA's (except you Charles, you may understand) and move along to the dissertation on the family/MS/non-work type stuff.

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