White Lightning Axiom: Redux

Monday, March 24, 2008


Annnddd ... back again. Went up to the FOB for the long weekend. Well, it was long for me, don't you know. Took off Friday and Monday for good measure. It was fairly mundane for all that we did not do. The Tyrants got their quarterly haircut at the Hairy Canary. Jake is in love with the stylist/owner there. Of course, who is he NOT in love with. That kid will have his heart break when he finds out about polygamy. We also did a massive Easter Egg hunt Sunday morning. The kids love that. Of course, when you are gunning against your brother for the most 'Kills' ... it's all about the competition and the tally. Much to their delight, some of the plastic eggs (never use real ones should you forget where that last missing one was hidden, all too well). It vexed me that each of these coins was probably a tribute to the politicians up in Albany, NY. The gasoline prices in the area peaked at $3.45 at some locations. Even down near the Manor, we are expecting to shell out $3.15. With the AWD Family Tank II sucking up nearly 10 gallons for a one way trip ... gosh, we might as well FLY! Hello TSA!

We skedaddled back to the Manor on Sunday afternoon so we could use Monday to remunerate for all the lost time we did not spend on chores. We also had to pick up Preacher BIL and Gung Gung who had flown in from China this month. He wanted to spend some time with the Tyrants ... that poor deluded soul. He did not realize that relaxation was anathema to them as horrible as going to sleep or having a bath without bubbles. While the twins were busy plotting a plethora of plans on how they would sneak up and out-flank our guests, the Mrs and I spent our time outdoors, tilling the soil. Managing our bit of earth would not have been too bad had not my Mega-Tiller Mark-44 thrown a chain and become inoperable. I had to work with the smaller hand version with a single stroke mixed fuel that would constantly get hung up on wet leaves and small chunks of bark. It took a bit longer than expected so I did not get as much done as I had hoped. I did manage to expand the Agricultural Sector to include an area that was previously under conditioning though. The pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini will go into the mounds there. I was planning on putting up a trellis system for these, but funding and time is short. I'll have to belay that till after I get the water barrel system in place. Hopefully, things will work out this year. I've got a few weeks before I put the spring crops in.

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