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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Void pointer

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday ... the time of feasting and unabashed lusty behavior is over. Missed it, durn it all. Where is the Mrs again? No matter, I got my ashes and picked up my lenten burden. Not much really, I did not give up meat but I did surrender bacon and cheese. Oh my ... bacon. I can still taste it ... must be some stuck in my teeth.

I managed to get a bit of sleep last night between the dripping of the toilet tank and the fire engines screaming past the manor at all hours of the night. Of course, 0600 came much too early and proceeded to become history much too quickly. The hounds proceeded serenade me with their whines and moans as a subterfuge to be let out. They did not want to relieve themselves of excessive body waste, they wanted to chase one of the local feral cats about the yard. Katie, in her robust vigor, ran off after the feline ... transgressing the well known rules of not leaving the yard and NOT crossing the road. She paused on the other side, knowing that in her flight of fancy, she had crossed not only the rule of law, but the demarcation of 'potential whoop-ass'. I called her out and gave her such a stern lecture that she nearly peed herself before I let her go do what was expected. Sulking and guilty stares were all she had left for me. Durned hounds, I'm going to have to tweak her programming regarding the pursuit subroutines. Outside of that, the kids were good for me; ate all their lunch, did homework, tried new forms in karate, ate their dinners, finished their breakfast, complained slightly about abbreviated tv time. Usual stuff. I'm so proud (and thankful to God) of them.

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