White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Too Happy

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Too Happy

Really quick ... nothing going on. Everything is copacetic here in the manor. Jake is still sick, but we are sleeping in a bit in the mornings to give him a chance to recover. I use that block of time to do a bit of snoozing and snuggling with the Mrs. Speaking of upticks ... the Tyrants have been selected to be part of a science & math study by one of the day-care professionals. They'll be getting a bit of extra time and instruction ... sweeeeet. I can't wait till they explain the conversion of matter to energy through integral mathematics. This leads to one small problem: My home life is so rich and rewarding, work is becoming more of a 'downer'. I should be happy to be able to work and have a job that many would kill for ... but man, am I spoiled or WHAT!

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