White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Rocket Science

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Rocket Science

A great deal of my time yesterday was spent trying to help other people resolve issues. Issues that I did not necessarily have the skill set to appropriately solve. Rather frustrating. This is why I think I enjoy the TSD training. If I have a problem with a maneuver or a particularly difficult form, I just have to redouble my efforts. At work, it is not an effective approach. Effort and dedication are present, just not the knowledge. Too many known:unknowns and then the unknown:unknowns. Again, frustrating. /whine

In happy-happy news: Thnx to Liz over at Finding Life Hard? who gave me an 'E for Excellence' award. She had previously given me an additional honor regarding my 'gift of gab' and I'll now need to post both of those wonderful salutes on the side-bar somewhere. My blog will begin to look like a Russian General's breast if this keeps up!

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