White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Hell Week (Month) in review

Friday, March 21, 2008


Hell Week (Month) in review

Sorry I've been absent for so long ... my typical hum-drum life went from the 'way too busy' setting of 5 all the way up to 11. The week I took a diversion trip from blogging, I was on the support phone. A cavalcade of problems cropped up in Houston, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, NE-USA and Chile. Of course, the problem in Chile was a daily issue at 0600 ... their time. Which is peculiarly annoying if you take a look at the map. Although they are along the west coast of South America, they are still TWO HOURS ahead of EST. The stress helped bring out a nice case of cold sores and it's been a bit chilly around here to boot. So, we burnt the last of the firewood that I had stacked next to the Manor. Needed to bring up more from the stack that are all the way on the other side of the territories. We had phone line problems. Normally, this would not be all that bad since we all have cell phones except for the Manor security system. It checks the line periodically to see if it's ok. If not, it will go off ... over and over and over again. GHA! Nothing like getting a rude klaxon echoing through your skull at 2am. Yep, that was annoying. Outside of that, the scrum group I've been leading has been a bit 'needy' ... of course. At least TSD is going well ... and we have started swimming again. The kids appreciate that. Then there was the visit to the Emergency Room last Saturday. Because I had a few drinks ... I'm getting too old for that game. In the end, I just have been much too busy for my own good. So, a few days off and I should be on top of my game again. Oh, and I've finally broken the 185 barrier last Thursday. Yep, just in time for the Easter Gluttony Sprint.

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