White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Half of something, all of nothing

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Half of something, all of nothing

A minor chain of events yesterday slowed things up a bit. I was busily distracted by work when the Meticulous Mrs rings me up on the land-line phone in my sensory deprivation chamber. It was nearing 1430 hours and she let me know that the Day Care/ReEducation Facility had called her to let us know they would toss the Tyrants out into the cold cruel world at 1630 hours. Argh. I understand why they were closing (the public schools were shutting down and that requires the Professionals to go fetch their own offspring) but why they never call me (who does drop off and pick up NEARLY EVERY DAY) is sexist and illogical. Fine. I fetch them at 1620 hours and we scoot on home across the sheets of freezing rain and general wintery nastiness. I could see both the tiny kernels of frozen terror bouncing off my windshield and it's less acceptable brethren of 32F degree water droplets flinging themselves to oblivion and forming perfect little ovals of ice. We were on the brink of an ice storm. About the time we arrived at the manor, the assault by Mr Freeze had begun in earnest. I let the Tyrants 'enjoy' the 'snow' for a bit till the figured out that the sno-cone material laying about stung quite horribly when formed into snow balls and flung at each-others faces. A sled ride, however, was significantly more acceptable. Given this choice of activities, we of course refrained from attending TSD practice sessions. Good thing too. You see, the Manor is situated on a ridge where there are a confluence of surface roads which carry a great volume of traffic over/under various man made and natural obstructions. Turnpike, railways, stream ... all surround us leaving us insulated from a great deal of crime and other nuisance elements. Of course, the demeanor of the automotive explorers forging their way home was not at optimal levels. There were a great deal of accidents and nearly every bottleneck in the local region was sealed closed as tightly as Pooh in Rabbit's warren. The emergency vehicles were wailing and rushing about, only to find themselves all but trapped as well. Of course, this all settled down a bit only to start up again the next morning. A great deal of this traffic was from parents taking their children to school, only to find out that the buses did not pick anyone up because either the institutions were opening up late or not at all. Same case here ... delayed opening till 0900. At that hour, every single parent converged on the day care and filled the parking lot like Mentos in a coke bottle. To add to the misery, there was a semi truck parked in the middle of the road ... stuck while making a delivery. Ahh, yes. Good times indeed.

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